How Canon discredits photographers

What a sickening bullshit!

„A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what’s in front of it,”

If you lie to six photographers about whom they are to portray and if you hire an actor to play those six different roles, then the picture is not shaped by the „person behind the camera“ but by your lies, your deceit and the acting of the actor you hired!

And it’s an outright shame that Canon, a company that should treat us photographers as customers is spending the money earned from us on this con to discredit photographers as people who manipulate and whos work can’t be trusted!

If they had done this with 10 real alcoholics, 10 real millionaires, 10 real life savers etc. to see if the photographers would have potrayed them as individuals or if there was a universal cliché for „alcoholic“, „millionaire“, „life saver“ etc. that would have been interesting.
But maybe that would have not resulted in a video that goes viral…

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