Not really a new idea!

When the picture by Mike Kelly showing lots of planes in one frame made it’s way through the Internet and became quite a sensation – it’s selling for up to $ 2250 –


something deep inside my visual memory started to whisper „You saw something like that years before and you even have proof somewhere in the archive.“ And actually I found pictures I took in 2008 during an assignment for Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt, Germany:

Podiumsgespräch in der Tourismus-Ausstellung

And voilá! There it was, hanging on the wall of Schirn Kunsthalle during the exhibition „ALL-INCLUSIVE. DIE WELT DES TOURISMUS„.

It’s of course not the same picture. This one is called „Flughafen“ (German for „airport“)  it’s from 2005 and was made by South Korean artist Ho-Yeol Ryu. And if you look at Ryu’s photo the now famous photo by Mike Kelly appears rather lame. (But of course that is only my opinion.)

I think that is just the Internets short attention span and memory, where everything is totally new and will change everything.


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